Five Youth Exchanges: The Experience

a group of young girls, some in Ukrainian folk cloths, behind a table with snacks, Ukrainian flags in the background

Searching and attempting, being rejected and successful, to finally join five incredible Erasmus+ Youth projects that were not only inspiring but life-changing! Iryna comes from Ternopil, but lives in Kyiv and studies at the Taras Shevchenko National University. She is completing her fourth year in English Philology, and additionally studies French and Spanish. The full-scale […]

Youth work in the countryside

International youth work in the countryside of aspiring Eastern European nations It’s difficult to overestimate the role of education, and non-formal learning in particular, in European integration process of Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia. Powerful EU programmes such as Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps have an impact on civil society and the establishment of international […]

Terra Incognita

a group of youth from Ukraine and French Guyana in front of a green valley with a river

Experiential education as a versatile instrument for an impactful intercultural learning Guyana welcome As our Ukrainian young participants squat around the barrel with fire inside, an Amerindian lady from the North Guyanese tribe blobs a layer of mashed manioc root to prepare a starchy food as she comments she does it every day. This pancake […]

Chance for Safety

group of 3 young men by the table

Youth work in the first months of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine and the role of Erasmus+ programme for Ukrainian youth. Aliona Glazkova, chair of the “Kremenchuk Information and Educational Center” European Club and coordinator of Erasmus+ Youth and European Solidarity Corps international activities, tells us about how the organisation worked before the full-scale […]

Creativity is Out There – in Nature!

two young men balancing with hands in a rocky path

Is it possible to connect garbage sorting with creativity? Is it true that “if it is not fun, it is not scouting”? Find out more how we managed to prepare and run creative KA2 project during covid-19 pandemic! Our experience with Erasmus+ KA2 project “#Creativity @Nature”, which was implemented in the framework of Partnerships for […]

Discovering Armenia with Humanitarian Aid volunteering

group of young participants standing with diploma in an office room

Becoming an Humanitarian Aid volunteer changes your life in many different ways, including your perspective on the world and how people live their lives. As from 2022, the European Solidarity Corps opens up to the world and offers new cross-border volunteering activities in support of humanitarian aid operations in third countries. This action gives the […]

EU4Youth Alumni in action

group of school pupils in a classroom

Is education a fundamental right that every child should have access to, regardless of their background or circumstances? Unfortunately, many disadvantaged young people are not aware of the available opportunities. That’s where the “Civic Education and Opportunities for Disadvantaged Youth” comes in, a project created by Xenia Martinov and Victor Gitlan, two EUYouth Alumni from […]

The Transylvanian Metamorphosis. Journey of a Hero.

young girl in dark room with colourful light on her face

I thought to tell you this story briefly, but in my opinion good stories are rarely short. My name is Miko Shakhdinarian and this is how discovery of international youth work and volunteering opportunities turned my life upside-down. Let me connect the dots of the last 13 years for you! The ordinary world Growing up […]

STRIVing for Gender Equality with Youth Workers

young people holding hands at their heads in a seminar room

Dilijan in Armenia is a town in a heart of a national park. The forested town is home to numerous artists, composers, and filmmakers and features some traditional Armenian architecture. It was a perfect, relaxed surrounding for youth workers and educators to discuss very sensitive and sometimes painful topics. In spring 2023 Armenian Progressive Youth […]