Social Enterprise and Natural Capital

Participants in the nature , enjoying waterfalls.

If you live in Abruzzo region of Italy, you always look at the sea thinking of those living on the other side. If you go on the mountains, sometimes, when there are bright days, you can see the silhouette of the Croatian islands of Vis, Hvar, Korčula and others. The Balkans are in front of […]

Make music not war

In the enchanting town of Garlstedt, just a stone’s throw from Bremen, something extraordinary unfolded in April 2023. A diverse group of musicians hailing from eight different countries – Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Israel, and Palestine – converged for the Erasmus youth exchange, a musical odyssey known as “Make Music Not […]

Sailing the Waters of WB SEA

The essence of this transformative odyssey lies not merely in the activities undertaken but in the stories of perseverance, collaboration, and social resilience etched into the very fabric of the Western Balkans Find out more about an inspiring journey to a positive change. Embarking on a transformative voyage across the Western Balkans, a collaborative effort […]

When the paths crossed…

group of youth workers posing in front of a monument, cloudy sky

We were probably in one of the most successful partnership building seminars, just didn’t know it yet at the time! A story of the partnership building in Finland, including partners from Kosovo and Ukraine, that led to a group volunteering project. Start of a new partnership and what it leads to. Summer was slowly turning […]

Nature-based cooperation

Natural Building has ability to empower young people to take action and affect the climate change with their actions! GAIA from Kosovo and an emerging need to bring together the knowledge of permaculture, natural building and youth work. In 2017, a couple of friends and activists from our organisation, GAIA, started a project in a […]