Sailing the Waters of WB SEA

The essence of this transformative odyssey lies not merely in the activities undertaken but in the stories of perseverance, collaboration, and social resilience etched into the very fabric of the Western Balkans

Find out more about an inspiring journey to a positive change.

Embarking on a transformative voyage across the Western Balkans, a collaborative effort called
Western Balkans Youth Social Economy Alliance (WB SEA) emerged to champion youth social
entrepreneurship and ignite waves of positive change.

This project, the initiative of a wide consortium of dedicated organizations, sought to cultivate a dynamic landscape where youth, armed with social economy principles, became catalysts for profound societal transformation.

The initiative kicked off with an online meeting, assembling a diverse array of partners united by a shared vision. Through meticulous planning, the groundwork was laid for an ambitious roadmap: a blueprint to unlock the latent potential of social economy among the region’s youth.

At the heart of this endeavor lay a pivotal research study—a mosaic crafted by pooling expertise
from across the consortium. This publication delved into the tapestry of social economy,
meticulously examining its contours not only in the Western Balkans but also across the broader
European spectrum. The findings not only illuminated the current landscape but also envisioned
a bespoke model tailored to the region’s distinctive social economy framework.
Gathering momentum, a transformative gathering unfolded in Ohrid, North Macedonia—the
Constitutive Meeting and Capacity-building Workshop. This landmark event saw partners
converging to carve out the foundation for the Western Balkan Youth Social Economy Alliance.
The meeting was not merely a convergence; it was a crucible for ideation, laying the groundwork
for an empowered network that would amplify the voices of young changemakers.

A pivotal moment was associated with a study visit to Italy—a voyage illuminating best
practices in social cooperatives. This immersive experience was a crucible for learning, fostering
cross-border alliances, and nurturing ideas to bridge the gap between aspirations and action.
Education, empowerment, and advocacy became linchpins in the project’s journey. Two training
programs, meticulously designed and conducted in Montenegro, unfurled the sails of knowledge.
The first, focused on advocacy and digital learning, empowered young practitioners to navigate
the labyrinth of social economy with strategic finesse. The second, centered on curriculum
development, equipped a group of peer educators with tools to cultivate a culture of social
entrepreneurship among the youth.

The project burgeoned into a series of multiplier events – Social Economy Schools held across
six Western Balkan countries. These vibrant gatherings were not just workshops; they were
crucibles for ideation, fostering a community where young minds honed their abilities to craft
solutions to community challenges through social economy lenses.

Amidst these dynamic engagements, a robust dissemination campaign resonated across digital
channels. Thirteen captivating videos chronicled the odyssey of young social entrepreneurs,
painting vivid portraits of innovation, resilience, and impact. Social media became the canvas
where the narrative of this transformative journey unfolded, engaging and inspiring a multitude
across the Western Balkans and beyond.

The capitalization arrived in the form of a Plenary Meeting in Brussels and a grand Final
Conference in Podgorica. These gatherings weren’t just closures; they were platforms for
introspection and projection. They symbolized a collective resolve to not just reflect on
achievements but to chart a course for sustained collaboration, policy innovation, and continued
empowerment of the region’s youth.

Project Western Balkans Youth Social Economy Alliance (WB SEA) held between October 2020 – December 2022 was implemented in frames of Erasmus+ “Capacity building in the field of youth” KA2.

Partners: Association for Democratic Prosperity Zid (Montenegro), Diesis Network, COSV, NGO Lens,
Arno, Young Ambassadors, CDP Globus, Partners Albania.

FB page of the project.

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