Two weeks to want to stay forever

The belief that one’s home is the World and that volunteering means cooperating with one’s brothers and sisters is strengthening and volunteering is now emerging as an introspective and outrospective key. At sunrise, they know it. It’s the day to take off towards an immersion which is still unknown to them but which contours are […]

Step by step in volunteering

a group of girls volunteers with some local people in front of a house with window shutters

Having the passion to be a part of a good change in my community, is what making me to do volunteering. Asmae shares her path as a volunteer within European Solidarity Corps., from the small city of Taroudant in the heart of Atlas Mountains – Morocco to southern Anatolia – Turkey then to Alpine region […]

Back to 7000 BC

painting of colourful people dancing in a circle with a couple inside, on a white canvas

To connect with ourselves and heritage, we should look at our past. What if we travel back to 7000 BC? Find out more about a youth exchange in Egypt, where mysteries are unveiled. The idea flare What if we create a project to connect modern with the old? This idea was exchanged between an Egyptian […]

Upside down – Let’s go to the other side!

Upside Down, when translated into Arabic, is the name of a typical Palestinian dish. Read until the end to discover what dish it is and how it brought young Italians and Palestinians for 3 weeks together in Palestine, between April and May 2023.  Our aim was to live together and gain a community-rooted experience, to […]