Volunteering Beyond Borders 2023

The Volunteering Beyond Borders partnership-building activity took place in Prague, Czech Republic from June 25th to 29th, 2023. The activity was organized by the Czech National Agency within the strategic partnership of National Agencies and SALTO‘s “Beyond Borders – Neighbours Together”. The main goal of the activity was to promote cooperation and partnership between organisations from Programme countries and neighbouring partner countries within the European Solidarity Corps.

The activity aimed to create new contacts, networks, and partnerships between organisations and develop volunteering projects. Special emphasis was placed on ensuring equal partnerships, cultural sensitivity, and addressing specific needs or challenges. The activity targeted representatives from organisations with a Quality Label, organisations in Programme countries, as well as representatives from neighbouring partner countries, including organisations new to the European Solidarity Corps.

Throughout the event, participants were encouraged to network with as many organisations as possible to expand their network and foster new partnerships. The activity’s content was delivered through the exchange of practical experience, collaborative group work, and non-formal education methods. It provided a valuable opportunity for mutual learning and evaluation.

Photos by Vitalii Volodchenko.

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