Erasmus Youth accreditations

Erasmus Youth accreditations are a tool for organisations that plan to implement learning mobility activities on a regular basis with simplified access to funding opportunities.

Applicants will be required to lay down their longer-term objectives and plan in terms of activities to be supported with Erasmus funds, expected benefits as well as their approach to project management. The award of the Erasmus Youth accreditation confirms that the applicant has appropriate and effective processes and measures in place to implement high quality learning mobility activities as planned and use them to benefit the youth field. The accreditation is awarded for the full programming period until 2027.

Successful applicants for Erasmus Youth accreditation will gain simplified access to the following Key Action 1 funding opportunities in the youth field:

  • Mobility projects for young people – Youth exchanges
  • Mobility projects for youth workers

Only organisations from the programme countries can receive the Erasmus Youth accreditations.

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